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Donations will help make this blog possible. If you would like to add your financial support, you can do so here. To be clear, while this blog covers politics and political events, as I began this blog when I was situated right smack-dab in the heart of politics (in Des Moines, Iowa) it should be said that this is a non-partisan blog. This blog does not advocate support for any candidate or political party and this will not solely be a political blog. It just so happens that at the time I started it, the 2020 campaign season was getting underway and Democratic presidential hopefuls were making stops in the Hawkeye State. Thus, that is the content that is reflected and that you are currently seeing on this site. However, this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for lots of other exciting and interesting content to come! I will be adding blog posts covering lots of different topics and categories, ranging from lifestyle to music to food to culture, entertainment and much much more.


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